In the outbreak of Covid 19 situation, a National lockdown was called that lasted for several days. Farmtohome was born & inaugurated under such circumstances. Hon’ble Shri Subhashji Desai, Minister of Industry(Maharashtra State), Shri Dadasaheb Bhuse, Minister of Agriculture (Maharashtra State), Shri Anil Desai, Secretary ShivSena and Shri Vinod Ghosalkar(MLA Maharashtra) and several dignitaries, NGO’s and Housing federation dignitaries were present on 26th April 2020 via online video platform that was telecasted on facebook and Youtube live.

            National Lockdown due to COVID outbreak has disturbed the entire ecosystem of supply of essential commodities as well as demand. The farmers are not able to export because of lockdown, the farmers are not able to get their produce sold in the wholesale or retail market . Their produce is rotting in the field pushing the farmers in deep losses. The consumers are not able to get the essentials due to closure of small or big markets. Whatever manual efforts made by MCDC like generating the bulk orders through google form has miserably failed to meet the requirement. Certain NGOs and political parties and social workers have started generating the demand for a particular area and with the permission of police. The farmers vehicle with all essential of fruits and vegetables go to a particular place once in a week or twice a week .This also has reached its limitation and are dysfunctional .

            Farmtohome is a solution conceptualised by Social activist Shri Ramesh Prabhu as one of their several endeavours to fight COVID battle. Umber IT Solution and Shetall Natuu have been closely associated with MahaSeva for past 2 years. Several successful projects of Umber team, was guided and mentored by CA Ramesh Prabhu in the past. This challenge of reaching the farm producer company to society was taken by Shetall Natuu.

The Working Model Behind This

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How does this Concept help farmer and FarmProducing companies

        FPC or Farm Producing Company will be on boarded on platform. Details of their products, price and stock will be offered to consumers through a Android Mobile app. (available on PlayStore – Click here). Consumers can buy goods like any e-commerce platform. Total good requirement is collated from backend at society level. Thus bulk order is generated helping farmers achieve a golden mean.

To support farmers reach the consumers; FarmSevak’s, an NGO organisation works relentlessly to bring more and orders and ensure quality at a reasonable price. Several APMC markets are not able to do justice towards the farmer’s efforts and labour. This format may prove to be a reconstructive business innovation, and a boon to the farming industry.

MahaSeva : CA Ramesh Prabhu in his fight against COVID19, was working on several fronts to support societies to fight the pandemic. In one of his programme also included availability of essential commodities, he conceptualised a situation that will bring essential commodities to people’s homes. On the other hand a lot of farm produce was being wasted due to lockdown, transportation system being shut down and loads of other challenges. Pradhan CA Ramesh Prabhu and several FarmSevaks are behind the curtain to bring social innovation and change.

Umber IT Solutions : Umber through its Director Shetall Natuu has produced some award winning applications for RERA compliance management and Self Redevelopment in the past. They design some clean and easy Customer Experience applications.

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