Frequently asked Questions

How will farmers get their payment on Farmtohome?
The farmers will have two modes of payment .Cash on Delivery or Digital payment option. The clients who choose COD will directly pay the farmer in cash and the people who have done the digital payments their money will be transferred by the company the next working day to the farmer or farm producing company.
Are farmers on the platform genuine?
Yes all the farmers have submitted their valid proof of being a farmer or a registered Farm producing company. Details of which can be made available on request.
How is quality ensured on Farmtohome?
Right now we are working on the trust factor of the farmers and our experience says that everyone is honest. We will be going ahead with this belief and work in this space. As we evolve we will see what trust mechanisms are needed to be displayed to ensure good quality.
In what areas can a farmer supply?
Based on the nature of the produce and the availability of the vehicles the farmers can choose the area they can service. The primary focus of this platform is right now limited to Mumbai and Pune and we will be expanding to smaller cities soon.
What is the packaging requirement?
Since this will be retailing and not bulk supply , we recommend that the goods can be packed in hygienically available environment .The packaging material can be crates for bulk supplies and Polybags of 1/2/5 kg size for small items .
Is there any support from the platform to farmers?
Yes there is a lot of ground support that we are creating to assist the farmers. Two things are in place which is an access to all digital orders through an mobile application which is coming soon and a Farmsevak who will be your single point of help to connect you with the respective societies and assist you in the distribution of the goods.
I want to supply to more areas?
You can certainly add more areas where you can supply the goods. You can easily do that by visiting the portal and adding more service areas under your name and that will ensure that you start getting orders from more locations.
I want to supply new produce?
You can add more produce and we can help you start that when you are ready. What you need is to send us a price list, quantity that is available with you and the service area where you can supply these new produce.
How does the farmer register on farmtohome?
When you visit the website you see the tab join us. Click that and register your company with us. We will send you a form which you need to fill and your online registration will be done. There are no joining fees for now and you can start with the platform immediately.
How much quantity can a farmer sell?
This is an open ended platform and all control is given to you as a farmer. The beauty is based on your daily yield you can upload the quantity on the platform. You can also decide the rates and the areas where you want to supply the produce. It is that simple to sell things through this platform.
How can I return goods?
As a buyer in case you come across any defective goods, you can take them in a as is where is basis to the fram sevak . He or she will inspect the goods and initiate the appropriate refund amount to your account.
How can I cancel order?
Order once placed right now can’t be placed .The reason is that we are not a stockholding company and are facilitating the supply directly from the farmers. The farmers are already experimenting this new system and in case the orders get cancelled they will suffer huge losses. To avoid this situation we have no cancellation policy as on today.
How do I get a refunded for my cancelled order?
Since there is no cancellation policy, the question of refund doesn’t arise. However in case of defective goods you will be given a credit note and the amount will get credited to your wallet.
How can I use my wallet amount?
Like any other ecommerce portal you can use the entire amount credited in your wallet .The balance amount if any will again stay in your wallet and you can use the same the next time you visit the app. The wallet amount will lapse on a month to month basis. Refer to wallet policies.